Smoking with braces

if you smoke with braces on, is it bad for your braces, or effect them?
it probably doesn't, but just checking.
and I know smoking is bad. I don't need a lecture on how it hurts your body. I just want an answer to this question.

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man they probably help cause tobacco softens gums s0 the treatment will last less time ...but if you have white braces
they will turn yellow ...if you have silver braces nothin will happen ...

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It could stain squares into your teeth.

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it kinda sounds like you getting mad.
..whyyy? its my choice.

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yeah you did.
thanks girl[:

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I'm not sure but when my sister had braces and she started smoking her braces shribled up and fell off

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It'll probably turn them black 10X as fast as your

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smoking can kill you.. 50 percent cancer or something like that and your woried about your braces

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When your teeth are yellow and the braces come off you will have bright white squares on your teeth.

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I know what you mean about smoking and having braces because I am in the same boat as you. I think that if you smoke it could leave a stain where your braces are but hey you can get them whited.

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Yeah besides smoking being HORRIBLE for you...smoking is your choice so make the right one. As far as your braces go, forget them for a second, and think of your teeth. Imagine putting a small piece of tape on the wall and spray painting your white wall yellow. Then you take the tape off the wall and you have white squares on you wall were the tape was. That's what happens to your teeth.

and as far as statistics when it comes to smoking I choose to believe them all cause smoking it bad and you never fully understand how bad until you quit for awhile after you have smoked for awhile...I wish you the best if you choose to quit...and if you don't I wish you the best of health...

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smoking is stupid anyway, but smoking with braces is REALLY stupid! when you get them taken off your teeth will be all yellow and nasty looking and there will be these huge, white squares in the middle of all of your teeth! but hey, if your dream job is to be an underpaid clown, then go right ahead!

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I know exactly how you feel. well I dont have braces but I smoke and I hate people always telling me its bad like I dont know. but I dont think it does because my cousin used to have braces and smoke weed and ciggs and she said they dont mess up. you just have to brush your teeth 2x more to keep your teeth and braces clean. hope I helped (:

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why the hell are you smoking anyways?.. so stupid... smoking will mess up your braces and your health

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haha, I totally do the same. I have train tracks across my teeth but have been at the smoking thing for a year. I'm not too worried about my braces and them leaving marks. I mean shoot, they made whitening strips and bleaching treatments for a reason! :) Smoking is terrible, but it is pretty tough to quit.. I don't understand why people are all up in your business with your choice? If they don't do it, good for them. Good choice, have a great healthy life. Everything happens for a reason, eh? hah, I say no worries.. if it leaves squares rock them squares girl! :) Or whiten them.. whichever:) lol

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