Does smoking help you lose weight?

Smoking helps loose weight? DOse it really?

Answer #1

IM asking because my dad smokes and I was wondering why hes loosing weight…

Answer #2

im a smoker and as far as I know, my weight remains the same. so from my point of view, it doesnt help. then again, to those who say smoking is bad and causes these problems, doesnt breathing in general give you problems too? with all the crap in the air, just breathing can give cancer, and I dont mean second hand smoke either

Answer #3

Im not sure about the whole weight thing but honestly, why would you want to smoke? I agree with ‘rnealw’ it will definitly help with wrinkles and yellow teeth… how attractive.

Answer #4

WHO CARES? it doesn’t matter if it helps you loose weight. it is a bad habbit and can kill you. so tell me which is worse; having some fat, or dying?

Answer #5

some of the effects of nicotine on the digestive system is that it lowers the number of stomach contractions which prevent the feeling of hunger for longer periods of time. this is by no means the full technical answer or anything but one reason why smoking MAY help to loose weight. However, it is by no means an effective method of weight loss as it stops your body’s signals that it is in need of nutrients and all the stuff that it runs off.

your dad may be loosing weight, but try looking at all the activities and eating habits he experiences each day and you may find it is not smoking that I making him loose weight, but a good balanced diet mixed with excercise.

Answer #6

Don’t start just to lose weight! Join a gym If you got addicted to smoking u’ll only end up wanting to quit, and when you quit your suppost to put on heaps of wait!!!

Worth it?

Answer #7

I don’t know about smoking helping you lose weight, but it can kill you. If you see what it has done to the lungs of someone who has been smoking for a looong time, it will put you off forever…Plus all the chemicals and toxins in there. Plus, if you ever decide to quit, then, when you quit, you need to have something in your hand instead of a cigarette, and usually, it’s food. So, you end up eating the food, and putting on more weight. I am not exactly sure that what I said above is explained properly, but it’s the best I can do. Britz.

Answer #8

Yes it is a bad habit that curbs your appetite so you lose weight

Answer #9

No smoking will not help you lose weight. . . .it will help you get wrinkles and yellowing teeth. . .

Answer #10

I like your t1ts

Answer #11

It may help…However, it won’t make a difference if your dead or dying from Cancer

Answer #12

hell… I dont know

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