Smoking and nicotine gum while pregnant

I am a smoker and recently found out that I am pregnant. Those of you who smoke know how hard it is to quit!! I used to smoke half a pack a day and once I found out about the pregnancy I cut back to 3 a day and now I only smoke 2 a day at the most but it is usually only a few hits off of the cigarette, never the whole thing. I want to quit completely so would the nicotine gum be just as harmful to my baby as the cigarette??


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I gave up both times because I was soo sick and the smell just made be barf. try to just cut it right down as thats better than smoking too much. my mates doctor told her it was better to just cut down rather than stress herself out over it. the stress can be just as bad.

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when I was prego, it took me two weeks of cutting back again and again and again. the last couple days, I allowed myself to only take drags of my hubby's smokes. I quit again with the gum on new years and have been gum free for a month now! yay. hang in there. it takes some time to get used to. soon you won't even miss it. (oh, and my secret trick was to take a couple deep breaths when I was having a craving and it usually went away)

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the gum is harmful, go to your doctor and ask for some advice, and yes, as a smoker I know how very hard it is to quit!!!
good luck and congratz on the baby :)
erin x

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Thanks. I don't think I could do the gum thing anyway but wanted to ask. It was hard to cut back but it is for an important reason so I have strength. IT IS SOOO HARD THOUGH!! I will eventually find no need for it once the NEED for nicotine dies off. Thanks for your input.

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If you real cared about the baby you would of quit as soon as you found out. I hope you know its very unhealthy.. don't try and quit.. DO IT!

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ya I wouldn't use he gum, you cut back a lot though so thats good. 2 a day really aint that bad, it be better if it were none but no ones perfect. In the last 2 years I've seen 4 girls get pregnant and have the kids without quiting. they all came out fine. If your down to 2 a day you just need to make that final effort. you can do it, but na, don't use gum

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I sm0ked thru b0th my pregnancies and b0th my babies were born healthy and are still healthy.

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Kayla33093 are you a smoker??

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Thanks Meganhead. I'm glad someone actually understands. I just feel guilty even though I have cut back to 2 a day and only a few drags off of each but I am going to remain strong. Thanks for the support and input!!

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You know -- I'm really not sure about the nicotine gum being harmful .. but I know how you feel girl ! I had been smoking for a few years before I got pregnant with my son && for the first 3 months I kept telling myself I was going to quit but never really did -- && like you I didn't smoke "as much" while I was pregnant just a few hits , though it was more then just a few cigarettes!! But read the drug facts about the nicotine gum && it should tell you if it's safe or not !! && Good luck hun!

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thanks everyone for input :)

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