Swisher sweets worse for you then cigarettes?

so I stopped smoking weed. but I liek the taste of swisher sweets. a type of cigar if you dont know. now are they worse for you then cigarettes?

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so are they harmful

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Good Lord, cigars do not have cocaine in them, nor do US cigarettes have marijuana in them. I like Aurora5129's answer. I would add there are few studies that indicate that marijuana smokers may get slightly less lung cancer, and it's less addictive than cigarettes. Swishers have sugar in them. Inhaling burned sugar can not be good for you.

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It's more a a choose your poison type of thing. Cigar smokers are extremely prone to oral cancers, while cigarette smokers are of course prone to lung cancer and heart problems. Unless you are one of the extremely rare who inhale cigars...THAT would be the most unhealthy. Any type of smoking will cause poor health. But, if that is your personal choice to do so, go with what you enjoy. Cigars gross me out, but I smoke cigarettes. Do what YOU want. However, with the all of the new tobacco taxes prices are soaring, so I would take a look at your wallet.

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umm,ok everyone is intitled to there own opinion. but I know from expeiriance that cigars do have cocaine in them because a few years ago when I misscarried the dr.'s had done blood tests on me and said there was cocaine in my system and I have never ever done cocaine,I had smoked cigars while I was pg back then. but w/e. I dont care every1 gotz there own opinions.

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cigars have cocaine in them. but some cigs do have marijuana in them so idkk to me there all the same. lol

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I only smoke like 3 times a week lol and I dont inhale thatd be dumb for that. but thnx =]

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good job on smoking while pregnant genius.

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I don't know if cigars are worse but I do know that they are stonger smelling. My parents smoke cigars like cigarettes and they leave a much stonger smell on clothes, breathe, and the house. I can't stand the second hand smoke from cigars and I am a smoker myself.

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Smoking a cigar, any type of cigar, even swisher sweets, isn't any better than smoking a cigarette. In many cases, it can be worse for you.

Cigars contain the same amount of nicotine as several cigarettes. Even if you don't inhale, you can still absorb the nicotine through the tissue of your mouth.

Cigar smoking increases the risk of several types of cancers, more so than cigarettes.

However, there are some ways where smoking a cigar is better for you. Some of these ways are:
* cigars contain less additives than cigarettes
* cigars don't damage your lungs as badly
* they don't have the same damaging effect on your vital organs
* there is less of a chance of becoming addicted to cigars

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