Someone you know smokes and there underage should you tell?

If someone you know smokes and there underage should you tell?

Answer #1

it depends what they are smoking I did the studys cigeretes yes pot no cigeretes are adicting an cause cancer an does nothing pot doesnt do any damage shown on many studys it just makes you high an after a little tired an hungry

Answer #2

No, it’s really up to them.. No matter how old the smoking age is; minors are still going to rebel & find a way to get their hands on the goods.

Answer #3

If you’re a friend, you have an obligation to look after their best interests - I’d tell them if you don’t stop, I will tell, you’re harming yourself.

Answer #4

I’m 14 and I have smoked 3 times and am now hooked. trying my hardest though, I’m not that sort of person. sometimes saying you will tell some one if they don’t stop works, but they are really a friend and you want to do the best thing by them, DON’T PRESSURE THEM! it mite help them stop, but usually people who smoke have under lieing problems and pressure will make these problems worse, causing them to lapse back into smoking. try to make them feel like they can tell you anything and it will b safe, and make them feel like they can lean on u! this should help, DON’T GUILT TRIP THEM!!! good luck to you and your friend!!! xox

Answer #5

I’m 14 I did it once (a bad friend forced me to try it out) I started coughing and stuff so I didn’t really like it, and even if I did I wouldn’t keep doing it cause it’s just bad and I’m not like that, it’s just not who I am!! and no you shouldn’t!! just ignore them, it’s their life!! they’re making it shorter little by little!! it’s none of anyone’s business… I once saw 3 kids in the street, smoking, and they’re arounnnd… umm, 8-10 years old!! I was shoked but I just ignored cause I know there are other kids out there who smoke more than them!!
so. just ignooore :)

Answer #6

no. you shouldnt tell… because thats like singleing them out from every underage smoker… TONS of kids underage smoke… and you should let them make their own decisions… how would you feel if someone did that to you… and got you in trouble…

Answer #7

I believe it depends on how old they are and how mad they would get at you if they are friend… If it is your friend try talking to them first and educate them on the terrible things cigarettes can do.

Answer #8

No. Let people make their own choices. You can inform of the reasons they should stop, but if you get them in trouble with the law it won’t help anything. It probably won’t stop them from smoking and it’ll just make it difficult for them to get jobs until it’s off their records. It would be a stupid thing to do and I wouldn’t suggest it. And just because “the law” says that when you are under eighteen it is immoral for you to smoke that doesn’t mean it is. They just kind of pulled out a number that made some sense to them because obviously people shouldn’t be able to make their own decisions.

Answer #9

Are you serious? Definitely not. They’ll just hate you.

Answer #10

I no some one that smokes it is not cool just let them do what they want it is there early death.

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