Slipknot Tribute

Well I have decided to cancel Massacre at the University because I couldn’t think of any good songs for it,so I have decided to make a Slipknot Tribute called Knot of 9,is that a good name,if not,what is one. Give me some.

Answer #1

That’s a pretty cool name. It has a ring to it and it’ll probably catch fellow Slipknot fans’ attention. But, if you think there’s an even better name out there - go for it. Write down different possibilities and pick the one you think sounds best.

Answer #2

man I gotta see a drummer play joey jordisons grooves :D :D !!!

Answer #3

hmm, well, I think that its a good name. cathchy, and it makes you wonder why you named it that. lol. keep thinking. ^_^

Answer #4

Vermillion - A Slipknot Tribute

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