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If you don’t listen to Slipknot,I suggest not reading this:

What do you think is a true Maggot,because I download as many of their songs as I can,but I never have been to any concerts due to money and transportation issues and I haven’t bought any gear,what’s a true Maggot?

Answer #1

to me wouldnt be any different than a juggalo has nothin to do with how much gear you got nor how many times uve seen em just die hard fans that like the music…

Answer #2

I say a true Maggot is someone who follows the bands work,keeps up to date,buys their albums,merch,etc. and someone who is just willing to always stand behind Slipknot and what their music stands for.

I’d like to think I’m a Maggot.

Though I do appreciate whatisbams helpful advice.I have heard that the mosh-pits at Slipknot concerts are deadly,but I’ve been in some pretty violent moshes before.I’m going to my first live Slipknot show soon,so I’ll be shure to get right in thick of that pit and go crazy!


Answer #3

No… It’s not a fan… It’s not a die-hard fan. It’s someone that would crawl into their pit and walk out, bleeding, bruised, limping. And confess that your experience at that Slipknot concert was the pinnacle of your life and would drive 500 miles to the next nearest pit. Maggots fill the pit, a sweating nasty, bloody pit where you are your most animalistic. It is unlike anything you will ever experince!

Answer #4

I’m a big Slipknot fan. I’ve seen ALL the members unmasked SEVERAL times and I know a lot of facts/info about them. Plus I have merch and their cds haha. Anyway, in my book, a true fan of theirs would ALWAYS be supportive of them and be an all around die hard fan.

Maggots are just like any other true fan. They support the band, they LOVE their music, probably have all or most of their songs memorized, they buy their cds/merch, go to their shows, etc…

Answer #5

Well, I can’t exactly say that I’m a huge die hard fan of Slipknot and I will admit that I’d most likely fail a quiz on them lol, BUT I’d like to say that I think a7x is right here. Slipknot fans are just like any other fans - if they’re truly real fans of the band/singer, they’ll be supportive of them, buy their merch and cds and stuff like that.

Answer #6

A Maggot - is simply people who love their music and is a die hard fan. It doesn’t matter how much you buy, spend, or own.

Answer #7

It’s just people that really like their music.

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