How can I get a slimmer stomach?

Answer #1

To get a slimmer stomach do alot of workouts that target your core such as sit ups, crunches, toe touches, bicycles and mountain climbers. Its also good to always been sucking in that will help slim it up a little bit.

Answer #2

bicycles?? so if i use my bicycle, i will be slimmer??

Answer #3

no its an exercise were you lay on your back with your head down and put your bend your armsso your elbows are pointing forward then extend one leg while bringing the other towards your chest. As your leg comes ot your chest you reach other with the opposite elbow and touch your knee and switch to the other leg as if you were peddlin a bicycle.

Answer #4

even with ab crunchs and other exercises designated for the stomach, it won’t grow flatter unless overall and excess weight is reduced. the reason is even with the existence of a 6 packs abs there would still be a layer of fats over the muscle. i learned this from my former aerobics instructor.

but from seeing your profile pic. you don’t seem fat. so you probably just need to tone and do workout.

Answer #5

yeaa, im not that fat.. but like i CAN handle with weight issue… if i try to eat alot.. but i do have alot of muscle in my body.. cuz thats how i weigh 125… instead of 110 like the average 14 year old girl.. well atleast to my doctor.. but i just want a slimmer stomach.. i mean its not that bad.. but i serioiusly dont want abs.. that is the last thing i want.. i just wanna look slimmer.

Answer #6

125 is pretty normal. i had a classmate before who was about the same age as you and she weighted about 130. she was pretty slim though and had a toned body. and her height was just about 5’2. so you’re definitely not fat :)

here’s a website that can help. :)

it says that doing pilates and crunches would help

Answer #7

if u swim for an hour it can burn 1OOO calories, if u do certain strokes :) riding ur bike or jogging just to the shop depeneding how far it is can keep ur stomach slimm.

Answer #8

oh uhm i cant swim.. i tried.. i failed.. so yeaa. my dad was gonna teach me.. but he passed last month… and i hate water but i will try riding my bike.. since it is gettin cold.. i mite do it before winter. thnx

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