Has anyone tried the slender shaper belt?

Have anyone try the slender shaper belt??? Does it works??

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hmm feels like trying as well... it cost a bomb.. 179... so need to find out more... the ads that i see makes me believe coz the person using it has fats and wen she used it, her stomach is red - the burning sensation so i thot it will works... but in doubts..if losing weight dat ez... will dat means the world will no longer have fat person??? hmm

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got a friend who bought slender shaper.. she's been using it for almost two weeks already. we used to have the same dress size. but now, she's giving me some of her pants that she can't wear anymore... if it works for her, then I must say I should try it some time.

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my moms friend did it.
she swears it works.
i personally havnt sene a differenc,ebut she has
so try it out

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I am also going to buy...can anyone tell please that is it worth spending?

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