Sleepover boredom

Some times things at sleepovers get a little boring/ awkward. I dislike having friends stay the night beacse -my parents are embarrasing -my house is messy/embarassing -some times things get boring and I dont know what to do Any one have any idea on what I can do instead of worrying about these things when I have people over?

Answer #1

Make weird and funny videos for youtube and draw on your friends face when they fall asleep!!! lol ^.^

Answer #2

if there your friends the wont care what your house is like, face masks are always fun, I 19 an I love girly sleep overs,(depending how old you r!) we get some vodka in, do sum shots (I have a lap dancin pole in my bedroom) we dance up that plau music dig old photos out of each other eat lots of junk food watch a movie do each others make up in a crazy way talk about gossip we share our most embarrasing secrets and things like that :P I love having my girlfriends 2 stay over lol we wake up with a hang over but it was worth it lol xx

Answer #3

lol I know exactly how you feel, I hardly ever have people around try talking to them before hand asking them what they would want to do at yours rent a film they would all agree on and get some popcorn or something to eat with it, you could go on msn, or watch something on the tele, or paint each others nails or something, or you could go on a games console cause theyre always fun! dont think about how awkward it would be, think about how much fun you’ll have! and just tidy your house up a bit before they come so its not messy! good luck :) xxx

Answer #4

when you do have a sleepover, make sure there are things to do. e.g. -WATCH A MOVIE -TRUTH OR DARE -PRANK CALL -TP friends houses.

hope this helps

Answer #5

if you think your house is messy , try cleaning it up , and talk to your parents about being in a diffrent room while you have the slumber party , and for slumber party ideas , go to google and keyword “ slumber party ideas “ it may work , good luck

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