Why is my cat so skinny?

I have a cat that is really skinny but I feed him a ton of food! I mean not so much where its unhealthy but what can I do!

Answer #1

Some cats are just naturally skinny. They are just built that way. BUT I would be checking your cat out at the Vet. Has your cat been to the Vet lately? Cats just like dogs need regular visit to the Vet for vaccination and check ups.

There are also some very serious cat diseases out here and it would not hurt to make sure yours is ok

Answer #2

I always ask…”How’s his coat?” Is it soft, shiny and sleek? If so, then he’s probably just genetically wired to be a thin cat. As he ages he might put on more weight. If his coat seems rough or dull…worms are probably the reason…Take a stool sample into the vet…they have good wormer that cat’s will eat without a hassle…the wormer on the shelf at the store isn’t particularily good.


Answer #3

He probaly has worms go get him checked out by the vet it may cost so get some de-wormer or something like that at a local pet store the stuf from wallly word doesn’t work! And give him Kitty Vitamins also check his ears see if there are black dots in them if there are he has mytes in hi ears baad if they are visuable butcheck deep down look way inside and don’t try to get them out o not with a Q-tip just leave em alone! BBecause they are eating his brain and they hurt him! Also check him for fles and ticks if he has lots give him a bath because they could give him limes diesease becareful for him not to scraatch you! CAT SCRATCH FEVER!

Answer #4

Some cats are naturally skinny… unless it’s sick, you dont need to do anything…

Answer #5

take it 2 da vet…itz probleh depressed or sumat…I wud get it chekd

Answer #6

hi I also had a cat that was well skinny ,and all he did was eat eat and more eat.I took him to the vets and his problem was an overactive thyroid and was on medication for the rest of his days ,he was 15 when diagnoised with this

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