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what’s it called when you have those red bumps on your skin? They look kind of like razor burn, but they’re there all the time.

If you have ANY knowledge about it, it would be greatly appreciated. I am mostly interested in treatments, though.

Answer #1

I think its call sariasis (thats probably not how you spell it. I think its pronounced that way)

Answer #2

Can you maybe tell me where on your skin it is? If it is on your upper arms and back then it could be keratosis pilaris. This is actually very common on most people. It can be red or white and looks like razor bumps and if you scratch a little white (very small) piece of skin comes out of it. I use to have it very badly on my face as well. I think about 50 % all people have it.

Read this article to find out more about it:

Answer #3

Sorry I misread as well. About the treatment for it: You will have to go to your dermatologist if it is keratosis pilaris. The usually prescribe cream for it. But other that that there won’t be much you can do about it and it will go away with time. Mine that I had on my face dissapeared around the age of 14 and these on my arms and back are allready lighter (I am 20)

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