What size are your nipples supposed to be?

what size are your nipples supposed to be?? just cuirious

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Uh I don't know I don't think there's a "normal" size

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It depends on the girl, how big her boobs are and what shape they are. I don't think there's really any wrong or right size.

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Yeah it just depends on u. If you have big boobs doesn't matter. It will look a little bit normal. But all boobs are different. There are no right or wrong sized boobs. It bothers me when people say other people have ugly boobs or someone have perfect boobs. They probably aren't perfect unless they are fake. And unless you get fake boobs, you can't chose what size or what shape they r. you are just born with them

nipple on my breast is a little bigger than it suppose 2 b
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big and sxy

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