What do you think about site modles?

Answer #1

Site Models? What are you talking about?

Answer #2

like girsl that are called scene queens , you type in there name and there pictures come up such as brookelle bones, jen curbstop,lexi lush, vanna venom, dani gore and kiki kanible

Answer #3

What’s to think? My only opinion is that we seem to get an awful lot of them making FunAdvice accounts (or people stealing their photos, which is more likely).

Answer #4

I like them.They have very kool ideas for photos,Although some of them are simple. I find them interesting,Id love to be knowen like that.But i woudnt like to be faked

Answer #5

Can’t say I myself am fond of scence but genreally there are a lot of models out there on the web. Just bcuz they’re scence doesn’t make them anymore special, they’re like anyone else, least in the aspect of modeling

Answer #6

My best friend is one of those. she just started it so i guess i like it since im supposed to support her:) other than that im not entirely sure what it is:p

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