Why did this site automatically assume that I am straight?

I never filled out this information?

Answer #1

Its just the auto placement. Thats why you can edit your information. Just like it sets “90” to the auto age if you dont change it, but i doubt anyone on here is 90 lol

Answer #2

b/c MOST people claim to be straight and some are not. You can just edit your profile.

Answer #3

This is why its important to “edit your profile” when you join the site. Things such as age, sexuality, location, etc not only help people to get to know you better they help people answer your questions since those things change the answer most of the time. You would hardly give the same love advice to a 13 and a 40 year old.

Answer #4

I figured it out, thanks :)

Answer #5

Seems obvious to you and me Irene- but obviously not to m_s_g Oh well, with age comes experience- hopefully !!

Answer #6

OK- great!! Moving forward to a higher level of awareness, well done m_s_g !!

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