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Sister trying to Ruin my life

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I Have an annoying, heartless sister who is 2 years younger then me. We have grown up very diff., Me and my Dad and Her and my Mom. My sister has had everything given to her, her whole life. She barely works, and when she does she nly lasts a week or so. She gets everything from the gov't and yet is to lazy to clean her own house. She has 2 children 4 and 6 months, and she barley takes care of them. I have had to take care of the eldest for a year because my sister was a pill addict and had to get help. Well now here we are again, all her money goes to pills, and she is a very heartless woman. I have been her doormat for years, and im tired of it. Im almost 30 and still dealing with her. Just recently she asked me to move in with her me and my husband, to help her out with bills, because she could not afford them. I have worked since I was 14 years old, and never asked for anything, and it sucks because she gets everything. Well she said she was moving out, to be with a friend, where she didnt have to pay rent. Okay with me, but I found out that for the past 2 months she did not pay all the rent, and the apartment is in her name. I have talked to the landlord and they are willing to put the lease in my name. She would rather put me in misery while she is happy go lucky. After giving her almost 300 in the last month, her excuse is she lost it. And I had to cover the full amount of bills, and to find out that the money I gave her never went for rent. On Monday night my sister and my husband got into an argument, which he was defending me, she got mad and did something I could never imagine. She called my husbands parole officer and not only told him the new address but told him there were drugs in the house. We dont do drugs, so they obvioulsy didnnt find anything. but thanks to my sister my husband will now have to go back to jail, and I will be by myself, and my sister laughs.. I dont know what to do, im tired of her calling my friends for pills everyday, and im tired of being nice to her so she wont tell a lie and try to ruin my life, but now she has done it. and im lost and very hurt. I dont want her to run my life, tell me what to do anymore. She is a wicked person and a conieving woman. Not to mention, she has everything wrong with her..hmmm she never had any problems ever, but sure she makes the dr's belive so so she can get pills. IM DONE!!! Please help