Sims or Sims 2 which game is better?

Sims or Sims 2? What do you like better?

Answer #1

Wait for Sims 3 to come out. I got Sims 2 and then found out they’re coming out with sims 3 and I was pissed.

Answer #2

Sims… mainly the story part, plus, don’t have sims 2

Answer #3

hmm.. 4 which game system? but I like both of them, plus The Sims Bustin’ Out. coool games

Answer #4

Sim2. Sims3 is going to be epic, though.

Answer #5

Sims 2 deffinitely.

Answer #6

sims 2.

Answer #7

sims 2 4ever im playing it now. its 100x better the graphics and everything more lifelike I cant w8 4 sims 3!!!

Answer #8

Sims 2. Definitely.

Answer #9

Sims 2 cant wait for sims 3 though

Answer #10

Sims 2

Answer #11

Sims 2.

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