Sims 2 Pets PS2

In Sims 2 Pets PS2 can someone die? Also can you marry?

Answer #1

I am not sure about the death part, I know that you “pass out” and paramedics come to throw water on you… same with your pet. as for marriage, you can marry but it idoes no make a big deal of it as it does in the other SIMS games

Answer #2

I’ve got that game, paramedics do come and throw water on you and your pet (experience) and you can marry…but it’s hard to stay green, just like on ‘the sims’ which me and my bff are addicted 2 and are plying all day long tomoz, it’s hard, right? I suggest you try and only have one dog (or cat) and no pups because they last five secz before they turn into big dogs (or cats) and it’s harder to look after them and urself, just buy ‘the sims’ it’s a lot better.

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