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Sims 2 Pets for Gamecube ovens keep breaking

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OK I need help!!!
Ok so this first house I made on sims 2 pets for gamecube was really really nice but I had three freakin ovens in my kitchen... Like the first oven worked for a while but then it wouldnt work when I walked up to it with food it just gave me the option to eat raw... so I bought another oven... That one did the same thing so I re did my house and moved it over so the ovens were out in the yard... Then I bought another and it did the same thing!!! so I moved out to start new... And now I built this freakin mansion with like 30 rooms and its really nice and I bought a oven again and it wont work so now I have two again... I dont want to ruin this house... And I tried walking up to the stove to see if there was a repair but nope... just like its dead or malfunctioned... and I cant sell the item because it just wont pick up for me to move it... and what makes me worse mad it wont let me pit any furniture on top of it??? help please!!!