sidekick/hiptop users

hey. new to the site. think its kinda cool so far, in the 30 mins or so I’ve been a member lol. just wanted to ask, are there any hiptop/sidekick users on this site? (O.o)

p.s. for some reason I can’t add people from my kick so uh… you might want to add me, as some already have. I’ll be sure to show some love. thanks in advance…

Answer #1

I had the sidekick slide, butt hated it so I got the lx. it’s pretty much the same set-up & shiit. like what do you want to add people to your buddylist? you just sign in aim hit the menu button (top left corner) go down to “new” click it then click buddy enter the s/n then stroll down to the group name you want them to be under then hit the “done” button (bottom right)

Answer #2

well, if you know what a sidekick is, then you know what a hiptop is. tmobile named the hiptop, sidekick. however, other carriers have it by its given name, the hiptop.

Answer #3

ima hip top user but im bout 2 trade in ma sidekick 4 a hot phne

Answer #4

what’s a hiptop?

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