How can I make the side of my face look pretty?

i hate the way the side of my face looks

Answer #1

I am tempted to say you should post a picture to help people give some informed advice. But to be honest, I think you are just being a bit over sensitive. Most people would prefer to look a bit different in their profile view. This is largely because you get used to your mirror image view of the front of your face. People often think that a their photographs look unattractive - especially in profile, because it is not the way their mind has come to expect themselves to look.

Typically, (in profile) people think their nose is too big or too small, and their jaw line is too weak or too strong, or their forehead is at the wrong angle. Yet if they ask the people that know and love them what they think, they usually think and say that it is just right exactly the way it is.

I honestly think you are better off just applying any make-up you are used to using and blending it into the sides so you look your best from the front view. After all that is the way most people see you in detail when they are talking to you.

– Best wishes - Majikthise.

Answer #2

Umm if your really uncomfortable you could try a good pressing powder..or plastic surgery depending if your over 18..but that cost alot of money and can mess up your face even more very easily…or you could just wear your hair down so it covers the side of your sure this is probably just a phase… it is probably best in the end to try and accept who you really are..and who people accept you as…

Answer #3

Why not as a whole. Yo have to learn beauty tips by reading article from online. I know it has a big help for you to know on how to look beautiful as always.

Answer #4

well you could get a face lift and get plastic surgre but i wouldnt do that if i was you

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