Shyness advice

Im very shy when it comes to asking a girl out. everybody I talk to becomes my friends but I can never get the courage to ask a girl out. if you have any advice please help me and thank you in advance

Answer #1

Wow There’s Another Me? And You Like Anime Too! Im In The Same Boat As You But I Can Tell You A Couple Things That Might Help.

Personally, Asking Other Guy’s For Advice Isn’t A Good Idea…Because There Guy’s Too! Ask Someone Close Thats A Girl About Your Age (For Me It Was My Cousin) Cause Girls Think Like Girls.

It’s A Good Idea If You Known The Person You want to Ask Out So You Know What They Like And Dont Like…Makes It Easier For Conversation Plus You Might Have Something In Common That You Dont Mind Talking About.

If You Are Afraid To Make The First Move, Have Someone Ask For You (BUT ONLY SOMEONE YOU TRUST) (Again It Helps If Your Good Friends With A Girl, To Do This Job For You)

Write Her A Note And Have Someone Give It To Her. (It’s Not Direct Confrontation Plus There Is Really No Proof You Wrote The Note ;) Unless You Have Really Recognizeable Handwriting And In That Case Have Someone Write What You Tell Them.

If (When) You Get The Courage To Ask Someone Out Dont Ask Someone Like The Most Popular Girl In School… Odds Are It’s A “No” And Trust Me That Can Kill You A Bit Inside.

Bout All I Got Hope This Helps!

Answer #2

Take one of those girls you made friends with, hang out with her, and then blurt out mid-conversation “Hey you should go out with me!”. Do it real confidently, and mean it. She will like the randomness and surprise. She will most probably go out with you if she’s already your friend and trusts you :) Good luck!

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