shy much???

I have been going out with this guy for about three months now…before we started dating, he was so outgoing and funny…and now he has these stages where it doesn’t even seem like he knows me..he is so quiet and shy…plus he has only dated one other person before…could I possibly be doing somethng wrong??? or should I just get over it?? please help :/

Answer #1

your not doing anything wrong! I think here might be the problem, in the words of heath ledger:

“I’m Like A Dog Chasing Cars! I Wouldn’t Know What To Do If I Caught One!”

he might have been all out going while he was trying to win you over and now, as you said he has only previously had 1 girlfriend, so he might not know what to do.

its up to you to help him, talk to him, communication is the key. help him out, take over, take the lead sometimes, that way he will learn what he has to do and hopefully come out of his shell.

its all about you showing him the ropes, that its not a scary thing, but something you should both enjoy, remember communication!!!

good luck

Answer #2

thanks a million..I feel better

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