Does anyone know how I could stay quite ?

I have a problem I cant controle can some one help me find a way ?

I cant seem to shut up when I’m with people, I make up stories and stuff Even when people isnt talking to me if I know the correct answere I scream it out like a moron

So does anyone know how I could stay quite ? And I tried telling myself to calmly not say anything but it somehow always seems to slip out

Answer #1

That’s not good to you men! try to be alone for a moment and think! what are you doing… is it right for you doing that things? you think that’s cool for other people doing that? think about it, alone. Try to listen nice songs, not loud, rock or bad songs that can make you different.

Answer #2

why dont you write it down instead of screaming it out it sounds like you have a good imagination.. why not use it? write stories… or write letters.. or get a journal.

Answer #3

Its like a reflex and sorry I’m already lissening to rock and gothic music what other advice do you have ?

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