How do i show him that i'm not slowly killing myself?

As you would all know by now, i have currently been diagnosed with anorexia/bulimia and a few days a go i was forced to have a feeding tube put in through my stomach!

I haven’t really been cooperating with everyone. I am still not eating what they want me to eat, still vomiting and exercising and the other day i attempted to pull my tube out.

My boyfriend is really starting to get frustrated with me, and he doesn’t understand! He doesn’t understand that i can’t just stop it all and start eating! He is really trying to understand but he is finding it really hard. He thinks i am intentionally trying to kill myself! And i’m not!

I love my boyfriend with all my heart. He is only almost 20 years old and he takes care of my like we have been married for 50 years! He is starting to think i no longer care about him because of what i’m doing!

What can i do to show him i still love him! And does anyone have an ideas of how i can make him understand that this isnt a personal attack on him!

Answer #1

The best thing you can do for him is to get better. It must kill him to see that his girlfriend, the girl he loves is slowing killing herself. He must love you if he’s put up with all this. Put some effort in & just try. You’re gorgeous.

Answer #2

The best thing you can both do for each other is communicate and try to understand where the other is coming from.

You’ve been diagnosed with a real illness, and it will take time, effort, and strength to get through it. I’m sure I don’t need to stress the risks and health hazards of anorexia/bulimia, but it’s very important that you cooperate with doctors and the people trying to help you. Resistance, though you understand why you’re doing it, comes off different to people on the outside. Do your best to cooperate with people and they’ll return the gesture.

Your boyfriend needs to understand you have an illness and it takes time to recover from any kind of illness, no matter how severe or small. Someone who has never experienced it will never understand why you can’t just do something as simple as eat healthy, which may result in him feeling personally attacked. No one wants to see their loved ones suffer. You should just talk with him openly and honestly, explain that you care for him but what you’re going through doesn’t stem from anything he’s done.

Communication is your best tool in fixing misunderstandings.

Answer #3

You show him by making a real effort to get better and asking for his help and support. Because you are killing yourself slowly by not eating and exercising and pulling your tube out.

Answer #4

just sitdown with him and talk tell him how you feel its hard to get over anerexia its not like you can just wake up one mornig anf eat everything in your fridge

Answer #5

Well you are slowly killing yourself, so you can’t show him that. However, that does not mean you don’t love him. This is a tough one. People who care about you tend to get upset when you are self-destructing. And they feel helpless and frustrated and angry and guilty and sad and a whole lot of other things. There’s probably a lot going on that you’re not seeing. The guilt for one is probably there, whether he tells you or not. How did he allow you to get this sick without doing something. I’m not saying it is rational, I’m just saying, odds are he is feeling it. He’s also feeling helpless to do anything. And so he gets angry at you for not trying hard enough. If you just ate, you’d be fine. Not rational, again, but he is probably feeling it. I know you’ve got enough to deal with, without having to worry about him as well. And so for now, you are going to have to concentrate on getting better. And trust that if he loves you enough, he will be around. Even if he needs to take some time off, he will still be around. And if he needs a little break, then if you love him enough, you will allow him to take that time. Because as hard as it is to be going through what you’re going through, it is equally hard to watch someone you love fade away before your eyes. Mental disorders make us selfish. They do. It’s all about us and what we need from others. We forget that they need to be taken care of as well. So, try to get out of the selfish sphere of it is all about you, and remember that this is devastating him. No you’re not doing it to hurt him. Yes, this is your coping mechanism. And of course he doesn’t understand. All he understands is that the person he loves is dying. I’m not being critical. Been there, done that. Learned my lesson the hard way. If you want to keep him around, you are going to have to get out of your own head.

Answer #6

You can show him by stoping what you are doing. You need to now that what you are doing is killing you, and its hard for people not to believe that when you are doing all this to yourself. Its understandable that you might be depressed because of what is going on and everything, but you need to understand your hurting yourself and along the way you might end up killing yourself. He is traying to help you, he cares about you, I bet hes hurting too because hes seeing you suffer. Try to get profecional help and stop this, you got years ahead of you to live. Do you really want to put an end to all of that? Eat when its time to it, you wont be getting fat or nothing, believe your just on the way to making yourself look better. Stop trowing up, its not easy, but possible.

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