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I am 14 and on msn this girl always asks to see my cock, well her exact words are "get it out" lol. So I show her! She likes it but should I show her with a boner or not ? and also will she talk to her friends about it. She says its big (6 1/2 inches) and is this normal?? I have done other stuff with few other girls like had bjs and been tossed off :)

Also when I go round my mates house with 2 girls an 1 guy includin myself is it weird to get my cock out infront of them all then get a bj from one of the girls if you know what I mean... then he gets a bj!??

Also is my cock big or small?

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hmmm, of your other questions says that your a girl and that you were having breast pains and that your a 36c or which are you? are you both? not asking in a bad way, my cuzins a hermaphrodite ...and im bi, so I dont find anything werid are u?

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you really need to think carefully about who you want round your c*ck, otherwise it WILL end badly.

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If this is real, all I have to say is you seem to be attracting some pretty slutty girls - I'd change your situation, because I predict that you'll have something itchy going on in your downstairs if you keep this up.

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Who cares about the size of your genitalia! There is NO correct size for anyones age!

*Life doesnt revolve around your p*nis!*

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Naa dw bout it I always get it out its jussa bit of fun lol :P
and probs should show it in a boner lol it lks better lol
and yh 6 1/2 is all gd mines bout 6 since I last checked lol I na people who are my age (15) who have a lot smaller but tbh it dont matta as long as you use it properly :P
and I like it when I invite my ex girlfriend (shes a slag na affence but she is) I invite her over and den ill get 1 of me boy m8s rand and then she does stuff with us, its all a bit of fun just have fun lifes to short! hope you found dis helpful lol

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wtf I think its co` I added it as anomysus so it says Fau! thats why im a 14 year old guy like it says

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LOL that's really funny haha I wudnt mind getting in on that action LOL
Jk(: or not(:

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We did answer your question. We told you not to be so stupid with your dick.

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thanks the last 2... that really answers my question?

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Seriously, young teens need to GET A LIFE!

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does it matter, baseballhotti?

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thats a ok size but your young so be careful ok

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where can i put my cock on web cam

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