Where would this look best right shoulder or ribs under right breast?

The answers aren’t the deciding factors on what i’m going to get done there just going to simply make me think cause frankly i have no clue which i prefer :) i’m simply asking for opinions on which you personally think would look best.

Answer #1

i dont see it attached to question so i will attach it here :)

Answer #2

I would say shoulder.

Answer #3

I think ribs…I see shoulders for actual objects, not word-ish things. That’s just me :)

Answer #4

I printed it out and was leaning more towards ribs as well. It was a chant i used to do when i was stressed throughout my life “om namo bhagavate vasudevaya” :) total life saver haha.

Answer #5

Hmmm,. i would put it on the ribs under the right breast only a little more to the side.

Answer #6

Shoulder…..Your breasts won’t be in the same place once you have a baby or get older….might as well have it where it will show for life.

Answer #7

Ribs deff

Answer #8

wow, is your right shoulder wide enough for all that?

Answer #9

Right shoulder for sure. :)

Answer #10

I like shoulder tattoos, so I’d say shoulder.

Answer #11

Ribs ^_^ I agree with Heaven :)

Answer #12

lol, this is what i was thinking… unless you have no chest, your breasts will sag…

Answer #13

plus shoulder will be less wrinkly when your old

Answer #14

Shoulder :)

Answer #15

Not my breast itself i’m talking underneath them on my ribs. I have my hips done so childbirth already wont be kind on a few of my tattoos haha.

Answer #16

Yes it’s not that big at all :)

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