Should you take the mornin after pill if you think your pregnant

Ok I mite be pregnant but I dont want to keep it if I am,, im still having sex with my boyfriend, so just incase I’ve still been taking the morning after pill, I havent took it whilst I might be pregnant, I had sex without a condom on new years eve, so if I am pregnant then im onli like 3 weeks. What would happen if I took the morning after pill say… 2 morrow mornin?

Answer #1

No… there’s an abortion pill if you’re pregnant, but that needs a prescription and a confirmation of pregnancy. Dont mess up your body for no good reason. Stop having unprotected sex. Stop using the morning after pill as a regular contraceptive. Infact I question the wisdom of you even having sex given you have no idea what you’re doing. Go talk to the people at planned parenthood (or your doctors or whatever), and they can start you on a proper plan and maybe inform you of the dangers of STDs while they’re at it.

Answer #2

You would probably start bleeding profusely, could have a miscarriage and it could cause severe internal bleeding that might leave you unable to have children again

The morning after pill is only supposed to be used within 72 hours of having sex and that is before you even get pregnant.

Do not do this, the best thing will be to take a pregnancy test and then if you are pregnant decide on whether you would want an abortion or not.

Answer #3

The morning after pill can seriously harm you if you use it as a contraceptive. Its SUPPOSED to be used as a plan b/ emergency. NOT as a regular occurance. You need to find another form of contraceptive such as the pill or the injection.

The morning after pill is unaffective after 72 hours after unprotected sex, so no the morning after pill wont abort your baby if you are pregnant

Answer #4

The morning after pill will only protect you if you use it within 72 hours of intercourse, if you take it any other time it’s not going to do anything for you at all.

Answer #5

As stated above by others, the morning after pill as well as abortion, are not made to used as a contraceptive. They were designed to be used as emergency use only (the pill) for when unprotected intercourse occurs due to lack of protection at the time/sponteneity, rape, etc. No, it would not useful 3 weeks later, and as stated by the others, could be harmful to u. ]=

Answer #6

No! Do not take the morning after pill! That is a form of abortion. I am anti-abortion. Have the baby! You won’t regret it!

Answer #7

The morning after pill is absolutly NOT abortion. The only thing plan b does is prevent fertilization. It builds your body up to not allow fertilization. So there is actually no fetus, no conception, no nothing. How could there be a case of abortion if there is no fetus to abort? DO YOUR RESEARCH ANTI-ABORTIONISTS. Thank God for plan b. maybe it will reduce the number of abortions out there.

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