Should I wait or act now?

I am 16 and have live with my mom. my father died when I was young. I want to get out of the house b/c of how I’m being treated. My mom has on one occasion to teach me to care for my animals better, treated me like a dog. I was only allowed one meal and to go to the bathroom when she wanted me to. I suck food b/c I was hungry and she saw me and told me that I was grounded ( she never fallowed up on the grounding). She cares about my grades and how I do in school yet when ever one thing goes wrong or I mess up a little bit she goes nuts with the punishment. I love my mom, she is usually there when I need her but lately I cant stand living with her. I have been thinking about getting emancipated but if I do that I know that I would forever lose all contact with my mom. she would refuse to see me. So should I wait till I’m 18 to move out or get emancipated?

Answer #1

By the way you’re saying this, you obviously have a good, stable mind.

Contact the authorities of this child abuse.

Answer #2

Well knowing that is child abuse,I would probably consider putting yourself into foster care or contact the authorities about what she’s doing,no child should have to live through that ever. If she continues to treat you like that,simply tell her that if she continues your going to ignore her until she knows how to be a real parent.

Answer #3

wait a min, I dont think you should tell her that. that right there is not a good idea. I think you should try talking with her first and definatly dont ignore her and dont tell her that she is a bad parent. for one thing she probly thinks that she is being a good parent. good luck.

Answer #4

that is definately child abuse. you should try to get conselling done hun. I feel the same ways sometimes too. my mom would freak out over anything she can find to freak out about. but we are having counselling done and what not. but if I were you, one phone call. I wouldn’t hold it too long. because things may start to get worst where you can get badly hurt one day. but no matter what, I wouldn’t leave when you’re at this age. because you will end up going through tough times. you do have it made for you. living on your own is twice as hard. you have to pay for everything.. you have to deal with so much of that stress. there is a program called respite care and you can go there every weekend.. there might also be an option for fostercare until your mother an learn how to develop stronger parenthood.

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