Should I trust my boyfriend because his sisters my goodfriend?

I just started dating my good friend’s bro, from what I can tell he is a player but he told me his sister begged him not to play me or hurt me and he said he wasnt because he really liked me. we have gotten into fights & I shut the door in his face 1 day sumthin he wouldnt take from a girl accordin to him. I wont have sex with him because I’ve only been alone wit him 2 times while we were dating, I dont want him 2 think im a hoe or anythin, even tho I really want 2 do sumthin I have self control. den yesterday he tells me that he understands my reason but that I keep provoking him and that when dis happens 2 him he plays the girl because he needs pleasure. he promised that he would break up wit me before he does sumthin but I don’t know I don’t trust him. he tells me he understands but that he gonna play me if I dont have sex (he didnt say it like that, but thats what he meant).. so im confused, should I trust him ??

Answer #1

He’s a player. Do not sleep with him. Make it clear that you will sleep with him for a LONG while and I know he will go away without even blinking.

Answer #2

I don’t trust him. he tells me he understands but that he gonna play me if I dont have sex should I trust him??

Why the hell are you even asking us? You can’t seriously be that dense. You don’t trust him? NO KIDDING? Then you shouldn’t be dating him. You KNEW he was a player from the beginning.

Answer #3

This happens alot in the teenage years. There is something exciting about dating friends older brothers or sisters. Relationships rarely work out though. Put it this way, if he was NOT your friends older brother, would you find him as attractive?

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