Should I tell or not?

All right, I’ll be straight-up about this. Here’s the situation: Someone in my family, 19 years of age, has been sexually abusing me for…like 2 months now. I think he may be smoking something (drugs) and he’ll disappear into one room for like 15 minutes and then come out and attack me for no reason that I know of. Yesterday (July 10, I think) I got out of the shower and he attacked me badly and I swear that my arm is broken. Things have gotten (VERY) violent a few times but he hasn’t threatened to kill me yet. Now…there’s two questions to this actually-

  1. Should I tell? and…
  2. Do some drugs (which?) make you want to hurt/kill/rape someone? It’s weird because…he doesn’t seem to recall the incident yesterday (I dont think) and uhhh…yeah I can get him into huge trouble for both the drugs and the abuse. Call me crazy, but…for some reason I DON’T want to! (bursting out in tears here)
Answer #1

The same thing happend to me when I was 5yrs to 13yrs old. I am now 28. I was sexually abused on a daily bases, never intercourse. Its a very scary thing to go through, I have been told if I ever tell he would kill me. Well I did and I’m still here. The first thing I did was confide in my church minister, I really did a lot of sole searching for the right thing to do. By law a man of god has to keep the confidentuality of what you disclose. The best hing to do is tell someone or pry to god that some how someone will find out. True story I was getting ready for church one morning and he came into my room when my mom was in the shower, I remenber laying there asking god to please make it stop and my mother got out of the shower to check on me and she said she had a feeling to leave the shower running, she walked in on it. So I guess to answer your question, If it doesnt stop with you he may end up hurting some else even worse. It will be hard at first but it will save you later. Good Luck and I will pray for you.

Answer #2
  1. Should I tell? Of course you should - you need to tell an adult right away before something worse happens.

  2. Do some drugs (which?) make you want to hurt/kill/rape someone? Yes, some drugs have that effect but it doesn’t make those actions okay. I don’t know exactly which drugs do.

Answer #3

tell, I’m not shitting you… do it, I know people who have gone through it and you should have to put up with it. just tell someone and stop it.I hope you your okay and everything and get your arm checked if you need to talk to anyone I’ll listen and won’t judge.

Answer #4

what do you mean “he hasn’t threatened to kill me, YET”

that should never happen. you need to end this before it escalades to that point. tell someone before it’s too late. seriously. you’ll regret not telling. tell your mom or something, trust me, in the end you’ll save yourself, AND him.

Answer #5

Yes you should tell. Like tina said, not only will you save yourself but you could save him. Say he does do something and actually hurts someone (or kills them), he’ll end up in prison for the rest of his life… If not for your own sake, get help for him…

Answer #6

Hell yes you should tell!! he should not get away with doing this to you!!! tell someone you can trust and they will most likely help you out with this…if it comes to the point where he attacks you an no one’s around, call 9-1-1 !

Answer #7
  1. you should tell especially if you are getting hurt and you don’t want this to keep happening


  1. I don’t but I would trust stephanief987 on the answer to it
Answer #8

yes you should tell

Answer #9

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Look, I’m sorry…I didn’t mean that! But SHEESH! Do you NOT understand why I’d say something like that???

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