Should I tell my Boyfriend I cheeted on him...?

Oh, gosh… Ok, So, I’m kinda in love with this guy named Anthony.(: We’re dating by the way, lol. Ok… He lives in Oregon City, and I live in Portland. Different School./: So, gosh, I would go up to Oregon City EVERY weekend just to see him. I would stay at my grandmother’s house in pioneer ridge, (some apt’s) and well, I HATE it there. My grandmother is going insane at the moment after all this sht that happened with my father. (I ran away, long story) One weekend, I went up there and when I called anthony he said that he was busy, but he would call me the next day. he didn’t I was at my grandmother’s apt the WHOLE weekend. I HATE being there. I always end up crying at least once every weekedn when I’m over there just because of things she says/does. he didn’t call me for 4 weeks. I stopped going up to oregon city. I started dating this guy named T.j to get over anthony because everyone around me was saying that anthony didn’t want to be with me, and that’s why he wasn’t answering my phone calls, and that I should just get over him. I lost it to Anthony three weeks into our relationship. I Really do, love him. We’re soo much alike, and gosh, he’s soo sweet.(: And me and T.j, we’ve never even really had a real conversation before. xP everyone tells me to break up with him, he’s apparently a jackss. Dx We’ve made out three times so far. never even held hands. we’ve been dating for 7 days.

I was talking to one of anthonys friends on mysapace the other day, and he finally told me that anthony has not had his phone for the past 4 weeks.


What should I do!?

Should I tell Anthony about T.j? But, I don’t want him to break up with me…/: Forest, (anthony’s friend that I was talking to) know’s Everything. I even told him about me trying to kill myself. He know’s EVERYTHING. And, I know he wont tell… but, should I?

Answer #1

ok wow thats a story ok I’ve experenced something like this before so I know what to tell you to do . if you told his friend your basicly scruwed already so you might as well tell the whole truth to anthony . if he loves you he wont hate you ,I mean yea if I were you I would have started dating someone else to .its not easily not talking to your boyfriend for weeks . Hmm although if anthony did care so much about you why didnt he figure out a way to reach you to tell you his phone was gone…you should investigate that matter

Answer #2

no the truth will just make you sad and depressed, he will hate you and your life will suck because of it, keep it your secret and what you want

Answer #3

I wud tell him. explain everything. my current girl had cheated on me kinda and I took her back bc I know what its like in that situation. if he really loves you than he will forgive you. but trust wont return for a long time

Answer #4

Even though he didn’t have his phone for four weeks (supposedly), he still should’ve made SOME effort to get in touch with you, but didn’t> Do you not have payphones over there? He could’ve used one of THOSE! Just for a quick converation, to let you know what the scoop was, but he didn’t. Sorry hun, call that relationship OVER.

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add me and message me, I’m going through the same thing now.

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