Should i tell my boyfriend???

I have this boyfriend I really love sometimes I have feelings to stay with him other tines you have feelings to break up with him I need help, well I already asked this ? 2 tines here today but it seems like I'm not getting the right answers, ok anyways should I do this talk to him and tell him I love you but I'm scared your playing me I don't want to end up hurt should I tell him what I feel right now or do you think I'm gonna sound like a bumba** what should I do to let him know that I do love him but I don't want games can you give me any kind of stuff so I can test him over the phone or online b/c he just went to NY today but he is coming back so help me give me advice on how to express my feelings to him and how to test him to check if he realy loves me and that he is not playing me. Thx for reading please give me advice.

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kinda same here...well tell him you love him because well you do...and bout that feeling I been havin em too but don't tell him...dats prob just your way of protecting urself from getting hurt and will blow over thru time of him stayin right with for takin the words of explaining this to him I don't know bout...

**btw- keep your eyes open but let urself fall
talk to him whenever bout the feeling of getting hurt...tell him a story of a "friend"..YOU... in which you got hurt the way he reacts usually shows the kinda person he will b wit u

hope it was the answer!!! xoxo

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tell him you love him and you wanna be with him but if he isnt there for you 100% than he should tell you cause you wanna be wit hthe right guy that is there for you ike you re there for him

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