Should I tell?

Okay, This may be really bad.. And I don’t want to many neagtive comments. Cause I know I did I baaad!! Baaad!! Think. Okay.. I’ve Known this guy for a year and a half. Dated him aton. And He tells me he loves. Me I told him I was 15-16 and I’m years younger than what I told him. He 15. And I’m scared, to tell him. . Should I tell him the truth? I’m just scared what he’ll do..

Answer #1

tell him. maybe start it like “what would you do if you found out im not really 15yrs old.” c what he says and then get him to guess your age. this is kinda better way to do it than just blurting out the truth. you need to prepare for him to be a bit upset tho. also you may b too young for him so you should think about why you want to date a guy heaps older.

Answer #2

you have to tell him. you’re only hurting yourself if you don’t. not telling the truth only comes back to haunt you in the end. you’ll never be ok with yourself if you don’t tell him. this might sound harsh but your relationship is kinda based on a lie. who knows maybe he doesn’t even like the real you. be honest, fast, before things get worse then they already are.

Answer #3

Hmmm … is this the same guy you are about to leave?

Lying to people always ends up biting you in the rear. Guys do it all the time, and loose girlfriends when the lie is exposed. So don’t be surprised if the relationship ends. It has been fake all along. (I think it’s interesting that even your profile says you are 16. Hmmm, again.)

Answer #4

you should tell him because if he really likes you he would understand he might get a little mad

but there is always the possiblity that he wont like you anymore

he will probably be mad tho cause noone likes to be lied to

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