Should i stay with him?

I havent seen my boyfriend in awile, and dont know if I like him anymore,

but whenever im around him or talk to him I get butterflies

when he kisses me I never want him to stop

and he really tries to understand the issues im dealing with

the only problem is that hes so busy he doesnt even have time to call
hes totally stressed and has time to hang out like every couple weeks to a month
its difficult but im wondering if I should push through it or let it go

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stay wit him cause u never kno he may be worth the time and u might get hurt if u break up wit him he might be the right one u never kno intill u give him a chance

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push through it! i dumped my bf over this same issue and now i regret it and want to get back together with him! but its so hard to talk to him! dont let busyness effect the relationship!

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You should stay with him. Push it through! If he makes you feel that way, stay with him. He might be the right one for you, and you'll feel hurt yourself even if you were the one that dumped him. Give it a chance, and you should see.

If he's stressed, you should try to help him somehow. Listen to his problems, and try to help as much as possible. Or, you leave him alone but see him and be grateful that you can still see him.

Good luck!

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Push it through. If y'all breakup you're going to regret it. You still like him, or you wouldn't get butterflies, ask him to take some time for you, and him, with no other business or anything going on, so y'all can just hangout. Let him know you feel as if you're drifting apart from him. But don't break up, you'll regret it big time.

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