Should I pursue distance edcuation for a bachelor's degree?

Here’s my question, I’ve been out of school for a while, but I’m considering going back in to a distance education program to earn my bachelor’s degree. Is it even worth it?

Thanks for your advice!

Answer #1

I am pysical handicapped boy having mascular dystrophy.I have passed 10th(ssc)from mumbai board recently.I am unable to attend school/college everyday.I would like to do diploma in IT there is any institution who offering distance education in this field.

Answer #2

Distance education programs are a good way to get back into the school groove without interrupting your daily routine. Classes can be completed online, without the need to change your work hours or take time off your job.

is it even worth it?

Depends, but the US Census Bureau says over the course of your life, if you have a degree, odds are that you earn more statistically speaking. Good luck!

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