Should i pierce my clit hood myself?

I pierced my nipple my self and I love it but I have heard that a clit piercing is good because of the sensation of it I know all the risks of loosing the feeling down there but I really wanna get it done but by myself or my dad help...x aml emily-louise

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I have gone off the idea now any way bbe

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jazlovestoskate <-- nooo if they have their rents permission they can get a peircing.

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I did my nipple last night and it is perfect and didnt hurt a bit

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That would had to be the most bizarre question a girl could ask a father.

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oh well ill do it myself then

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I aint 13 love get it right !!!

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I dont mean get my dad being a perv he is a train tattoo and piercer so I aint in any realy trubble...x

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I sayy do it who cares what other folk sayy if you want to do it finee
but yeahh you can really feck up your clit
I done my nipple hips tounge-web lip eyebrow nose tragus ear ankle and arm myslef and I wouldent even attempt to do mine :L you must be crazyy
butt If you want it soo bad and dont want to pay a lot of money go for itt but you might regret itt x

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ok stop argueing on ma question people!!!

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I know maebee, I've heard you cant mess them up, but then I've also spoken to numerouse doctors who keep telling me that you can

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no, no and again no
your body is not a toy, and your clit is no place to be diy piercing
especially by you or someone just and inexperienced like your dad,
who shouldnt even be looking at your clit in the first place
knowing about the risks like loosing all sensation in your clit doesnt make you any more experienced, you are not a prefesional and have no idea what your doing
and there is a very high chance of you doing it wrong
so no, you shouldn’t be an idiot and pierce your clit yourself
if you cant be bothered to get a hole in your flesh professionally pierced
you shouldn’t be getting one AT ALL
a piercing is a wound, and if not done profesionally can be done horribly wrong that can have horrible consequences
there’s a lot more to piercing than just stabbing yourself with a needle

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you really shouldnt, as I said your no profesional. and its not worth risking it. surely youd rather spend around $80 and wait a few years than risk mutilating your clit and lossing all feeling in it

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I know but I love piercing my osn skin because I trust me and I know the pain I go through and I did my ears belly nipples and nose myself

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I love piercings too, and I was stupid enough to do a lot of them myself an now wished I didnt do so many. I even pierced my own tounge when I was much younger, which was one of the stupidest things id ever done but I didnt know the risks, like I could have paralized the whole thing. the nipple are dangerous to do as well because if done wrong you could damage your milk ducts and not be able to breastfeed. the point is you really should wait untll your a bit older and think about if its really something you want. also get it profesionally pierced, because a diy job is never worth the risks

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A hood piercing is amazing to have, I love having one BUT this is something that needs to be done by a professional. It's one of those piercings that one little thing gone wrong could cause A LOT of damage and you'd regret it forever. You're risking losing all feeling in your vagina if it's not done right. You need someone who is professional and has experience with this specific piercing, that isn't your dad, that's disturbing.

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Arggg. Okay I am a professional piercer and tattoo artist. First of all you CAN NOT MESS UP YOUR MILK DUCTS WITH A NIPPLE PIERCING. I have stated that in a prevoius answer a while back"jazlovestoskate" gave. Milk ducts are in the breast not the nipple. I hate when people give wrong advice when it comes to piercings. The other thing is that you do not want to attempt the piercing yourself. Your dad doing it is a little too perverted for my taste. If your dad works at a studio I am sure he can get another piercer to do it for you. Although most places do want you at 16 or older, it depends on where you live.

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