Should I keep it to myself that my boyfriend's friend raped me?

my b/f anthony is kinda violent when it comes to people hurting me and I was raped a year ago by his best friend. him his friend mike and I wer hanging out in anthonys basement one night and I started to feel sick so anthony ran to the store to get some medicine but I didnt want to go with him because I didnt want to move so mike said he’d stay with me while anthony ran to cvs. but as soon as anthony pulled out of the drive way mike started getting closer and closer to me and I told him to back off but when I started to get upset that he wouldnt leave me alone he got weird and started to try and pull off my pants and mike is like 4,000,000 times stronger than me and I couldnt push him off, and he raped me. when anthony got back and I looked really upset he asked mike what happed and mike said I dont know I went to the bathroom and when I came back she was like all upset. anthony has a history of getting violent with people who upset or hurt m so I was afraid the he would kill mike so I didnt say anything and now its been a year and I’m starting to wonder if I should have told anthony or not. normally I wouldn’t be with a guy who was violent but he would never hurt me and I love him. I’ve hung out with him and his friend since that night he raped me and mike acts so normal like he doesnt even know what he did. I dont know what to do should I keep it to myself forever and never say anything or should I tell him???

Answer #1

The Question is resolved now Time to lock it. Tell Anthony I don’t think Mike is worth his friendship. Friend don’t do that to friends. . . I hope anthony takes some time to think of what his reaction will be.

Answer #2

hey i told him today he was like really pissed at first and was like wers my car imma gonna run him over but after a while he cooled down

Answer #3

you totally have to tell him, i mean, people can be put in prison for years for doing that, maybe you should talk to your best friend forever or one of your parents, or siblings first or just someone you are comfortable with talking to, this is serious, and it will haunt you forever if you dont solve this problem

Answer #4

It’s probably to late to press charges but you may check with the law about it. You should let Anthony know what kinda friend he has. I suggest you have either your or his parents or a close friend you both consider level headed and practical around when you inform him so things don’t get out of hand. Is that his Anthony’s picture you have posted in your profile. . . looks like a good guy. . . Good luck.

Answer #5

I’d kill mike. Honestly, that’s not cool to stab your best friend like that…er running him over? I’d just beat the snot outta him.

Answer #6

woah im realy sorry you had to go through that. i can only imagine how your feeling. someone raped you, you should definitely tell someone. i think you should sit you bf down and tell him you have to talk to him and its very serious. once you guys are in private and you have his full attention tell him “”theres been something i’ve been wanting to tell you, but im just way to scared, and im scared you’ll go nuts on him [though he has the right to, surves mikey right ] and tell him what had happened. you shouldnt keep it to yourself, you should notify someone. im not an expert at this or anything but i know for a fact there are many sites and numbers you can call. i hope you make the right decision and i hope you get through this okay. once again im really sorry you had to experience that, thats not something a young woman should have to go through. im terribly sorry, well i hope i helped, even if it was just a little.

good luck <333

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