Should i get a fringe?

my forehead is short... and I have long and straight hair... I permed it you see... before I permed it I had sort of curly hair... my mom said that I shouldn't get a fringe... but my friends ask me to try it might look cute... so I told my mom... she said I won't look cute... but she will let me try... then she threaten me and said " you won't look pretty!!!" so now I'm confused should I get a fringe??? hope you can give some ideas thx...

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Without a pic I couldn't really tell you.

You should try uploading your picture to one of those sights that you can "try on" hair styles.

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Fringe is for Rednecks or Retro-girls...your hair is beautiful. Don't touch it!

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why not go buy a fake fringe and see how it looks.

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I have a fringe and because im relly tall and skinny it makes me look kinda model like
so I really like it but it takes a lot of maintenance especially if you have cows licks on your forehead (which I have but it still sits fine) just one thing dont be going for a katey perry fringe (if you can call it that) its way too short and looks really weird...look at mi pic for a good length and dont let it get too long lol! hope this helped byexxx

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