Should I fight this girl???

Okaiii there is this girl at school I don’t like her at all…she’s 222 faced and she is a big hoen (I know because she kisses all over all the guys in math class) Anyways I was walking down the hall befor school and she goes! You look like w wh*re! And I was all like ummm okaii???… Then all of a sudden she goes tehe (giggles like a prepp) im jkk :) Tehe!!! The here I find out the guy that I like (she know I liked him) she now dates him out of the blue!!! But when I was tlking to him she wanted nothing to do with him! At all she showed no intrest in him untill she seen me tlk to him!… Then she tlkes about me behind m back! All the time!!! I want to cut her hair off! Sooo nshell be mad! Gerrr…anyways should I fight her??? Need answers immediatly!

Answer #1

This girl is obvisouly trying to piss you off and get under your skin and your letting her. Calm down and act like she doesn’t exist. I don’t think she’s worth fighting , but if she touches you then you have every right 2 kick her butt…

Answer #2

Do not let her provoke you. Do not get aggressive.

If you are angry, express it with words, not with fists. Give her a loud and mad-sounding ‘You. Are. Really. Pissing. Me. Off.’ in the hall. Then turn an walk away and refuse to talk to her.

About the boyfriend-problem: Pretend you are interested in a guy you don’t really like and see if she tries dating him. If she does, go back to the guy you actually like (whom she’ll probably dump) and be sympathetic. Team up with him.

Just don’t go aggro. You’ll only get yourself into problems. Shrug it off. Relax.

Answer #3

Get. A. Grip.

Answer #4

well if you think you can fight her then go for it she needs to be taught a lesson that will put her in her place

Answer #5

I know I try but I just cant take her anymore I hate her gutts!!!

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