Would blonde hair suit me?

I have browny/black hair and a pale complection. would blond hair suit me ??and if so what shade?

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if you have really dark hair now, blonde won't look good on you. you cant go from dark to light because it might not look the best. try a medium brown and then gradually move to a dark blonde later in life

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Imho, dye jobs always look bad, unless they are done by a colorist with good experience from a high quality salon. If you do get it done, they also offer consultations when you go in for your hair coloring appointment, so I'd strongly recommed asking what shade of blond they think would look best.

If your skin is pale or even tanned, blond won't look out of place, unless you have very dark arm hair, eyebrowse, and thick lashes, then it might look strange.

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mabye, but since i dont no exactly wat u look like im not sure, if you have green eyes i think a light blonde with brown streaks might look good

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Yes I think so :) im dying my hair blonde and I have browny hair right now, I say just go for it, whats the worst that could happen! You only live once!

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I have got medium colour hair, and I really want blonde hair!! I think I am dying it in the summer when I get a tan, because if I dye it now when my skin is pale I might look all white, I would just go for it if it was you!:) why dont you try one of those websites were you upload a pic of yourslef then try hair styles on?:) xxx

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