Should I date him or no?

Should I date brent? I mean, I really like him but my friends say they dont. What should I do?

Answer #1

haha okay thanks Jen :]

Answer #2

well that exact thing happened to me in high school! Imean I really liked this guy and my friends hateddd him… but I went out with himanyway and was with him for 2 years… so go for it

Answer #3

I say go after your hear if they are your friends they will be happy you found someone great. that you like

Answer #4

Well this happened to me and my wife and I pretty much blew off my friends and then I blew off her friends lol. Yes, I’m an asshole but her she’s my wife now with 2 kids so I think I made the right decision and my friends came back to me later on so it is all good now.

So yes, date him and your friends should support your decision if they really care about you. UNLESS they know something you don’t.

Answer #5

What???! since when did you want to date Brent?

Answer #6

anytime babe. so how is life treating you?

Answer #7

I mean I would he is a sexxy beast I would bang him in a second

Answer #8

thanks :]

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