Should I confront my Boyfriend...

Should I Confront my Boyfriend About this? ** I went On My Boyfriends Facebook the Other day- and He Told some Chick That She was the most beautiful thing hes ever seen and How Her Body was perfect… im Really Hurt That He would Do That After weve been Going out For a Year and a Half. Should I Confront Him about it?

Answer #1

It is wrong but does he give you permission to look at his face book? If he doesn’t then he will think you are nosey and don’t trust him or if he let’s you then confrot him. I call what he said to that girl to be emotional cheating. He should be telling you those things and no other woman. So all in all if it makes you concomfortable then speak up.

Answer #2

YES! confront him! tell him that it bothered you that he would actually say somethin like that when yall have been together that long! that is totallly wrong!

Answer #3

I would talk to him about it… but are you sure he isnt just trying to be nice? or boost her self esteem because she needs it? If youve been dating for that long you should be able to talk to him about it.. just tell him that it bothers you and how you really feal about it. Tell him that it hurt you to see something like that because it’s deffinately not something that you would expect from him. You are probably afraid because you dont want to lose him thats why your qustioning to confront him..but it’s really your choice if you want to work things out or not since he did the damage.

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