should I comment him back?

okay so theres this reallly cute guy and a couple months ago my friend sorta liked him.. actually shes never really talked to him but it was like she ‘claimed’ him as I should say. and about an hour ago he added me on myspace and commented my picture saying really pretty.. and I want to comment him back cause I think hes soo cute and I alwayss comment everyone back but im not sure if I should or not cause she might get really mad at me.. im just wondering what you guys think about it and what would be the better thing to do because shes my best friend but what if I never get another chance?

Answer #1

It has happenned to one of my friend .he was dating a particular laddy.One day the laddy came vissiting with her other lady friend,The guy liked the friend of the lady later dating her and marring her.The friendship of this 2 lady came to an end so be cafeful he may as well take your guy it depend

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