Should i break up with my boyfriend?

lately my boyfriend and my best friend have been talking a lot and getting really friendly. im starting to feel jealous and backstabbed. they even talk on the phone almost everyday and he doent even call me everyday. my best friend always act really different when were are around him, even my other friend noticed it. what should I do?

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I had a guy friend like this, he had a girlfriend, and I was friends with her before I met him, and we was just friends. we hung out all the time, and yes it did make her mad. But to save there relationship I decided not to be friends with them. We talk once every blue moon, so just tell him how you feel and let her know. She should understand

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yeah you shuld break upp with him girl dont ever trust a girl no matter how good of a friend they are dont ever put it past them I know its f...ed up thing to say but if he kalls her everyday obviosly it sumthin more.Dont play the games girl

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you should talk to them both and if either of them gets super defensive then somethin is up honey... I would see their reaction then decide what to do if I were you

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Dude..I totally understand..honestly I was in this EXACCCT situation..tlk to yer boyfriend tell him that yer not confortable with how close there getting, if there tlking every night on the phone I feel like thats just crossing the line..yer friend needs to back off..-.-

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they obviously want each other. break up w/ him, and tell your boyfriend that if she goes out w/ him your done w/ her too.

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