Should i break up with my boyfriend?

My bf and i have been together for a little over 2 months now, and he's nice sometimes. He's very controlling. He picks on me. I cant not have a bf though.. i dont like not having someone to hold on to. I can never find a nice guy..well i dont want a nice guy. i want a guy that talks nice, but pushes me around..weird i know.. thats a whole nother issue

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He's controlling HOW?

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I think the bigger issue here, is that you can't be WITHOUT a boyfriend. That is the problem you need help with. Imagine if your current boyfriend was occasionally violent & physically abusive. Would you stay with him, until another candidate came along?

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he tells me what to do, and what not to do..

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Wouldn't 'picking on you' & 'pushing you around' be more or less the same thing?

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abuse is NEVER ok--- you should find someone to respect you and love you. PERIOD. if youre so scared about not having a bf... then start looking and when you find one break up with him

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