Should I break up with him?

Ok, until today, whenever I asked my bf a question about our relationship, he would ignore me or just leave. I broke up with him before cause he was really jealous if I wasn’t just talking to him. But when we got back together he hasn’t been jealous yet, but I never really told him the reason I broke up with him. Is this my fault?

Answer #1

He sounds alittle on the immature side hun! Jealous, because you weren’t just talking to him? Tell him your world doesnt center around just him! You like to talk to different people, and if he has a problem with it, then maybe your just not the girl for him. A healthy relationship should have good communication, and trust. Jealousy and possessiveness are very bad signs in a dating relationship. If hes like this now, it will only get worse down the road! Extremely jealous boyfriends tend to be very controlling and emotionally abusive. They want you all to themselves and they may even start trying to force you to cut back on the time you spend with friends and family members. They say they act this way because they “love you so much,” when in fact the real reason they behave this way is to try to control your every move. They want you completely under their thumb. They may have deluded themselves into thinking that they love you, but what they are doing to you is not loving behavior.

Answer #2

Hey he should trust you and not be jealous that is not your fault.

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