should I believe him

Ok so I need to no if I should trust my boyfriend? So he was a total player but he swears he has changed he says he loves me and that I’m the only girl for him and stuff but he always noes what to say and like he started to flirt and like hit on my best friend however he was talking this meds that made him super horny and I was on an airplane so I wouldn’t reply but he says he’s sorry and he hasn’t done anything else really but yea he says he loves me and stuff and I really love him but I don’t know if I should believe them

Answer #1

first off what pills are he takin that makes him horny??? bkuz maybe he shud stop takin those if their not perscribed

Answer #2

If you have to ask that question, then the answer is always “No”. He’s still a player and always will be. He no doubt believes the line “It ain’t cheatin’ if you don’t git caught”. Dump him and respect yourself a bit more.

Answer #3

I mean if you love him enough and want to give him another chance I would just be straight up with him and tell him if you hear anything like that happening again your out. everyone deserves one chance but if it happens again you can do way better than him and find a guy who truely appreciates and loves you.

Answer #4

No they were prescribed they were for pain because he got hit by a car the day before so yea they were prescribed and he stopped taking them after hurting me

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