Should I be wonder about why my boyfriend does this?

Well ever since these guys started touching my breast and ass my boyfriend has been upset. Also when we hug and kiss he hugs me tighter and closer, and when we kiss he puts his lips really close to mine. If you can please tell me why he does this. Thanks.

Answer #1

okay im not letting them and fyi I tell them to stop. k? and accually he doesnt EVER want to break up with me. so yesh, I would NEVER just let them touch me!

Answer #2

What??? Why do you even have to ask? Why are there other dudes touching you like that??? You are your boyfriend’s girl, you don’t let other guys touch your breast and a$$! He has every right to be upset about that. Stop that

Answer #3

Wow…are you really that dumb??? What guy likes to know that some other men are touching his girlfriend??? Seeing as he hasnt dumped you he obviously cares a lot about you…he’s doing it to show you he cares and that you mean a lot to him and doesnt want you to fall for those losers that your letting touch you…

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