Should I dump my boyfriend?

Ok here’s my question, I am dating this boy that I have known since kindergarden. I sware we are realy good friends but I don’t know about us having a relashionship. I meen hell my mom just thinks he is the sweetest thing in the world,but we have already kissed and he is kind of a lame kisser. But if I dunp him I am affrade I won’t get another boyfriend so what should I do!!!

Answer #1

its up to u… if you think so then yes and if you think you should wait…then wait

Answer #2

if you are feeling unsure chances are you don’t really want the relationship. the fact that he can’t kiss well shouldn’t make a difference in the decision of staying with him or not. some girls have boyfriends who can’t kiss well but they stay with them because they love them. also don’t just have him around so you can say you have a boyfriend. you’ll definitly get the oppurtunity to have another boyfriend maybe not too soon but you will. who knows maybe you’re just not ready to be in a relationship & thats why its not working out. bottom line is, if you feel uncomfortable with him & don’t have enough feelings for him then dump him. you don’t want to hurt him even more if you wait too long. good luck!

Answer #3

if hes a bad kisser just practise with him ahahha

Answer #4

well first off dont dump him just because hes a bad kisser, only dump him if you dont love him

Answer #5

if you love him keep him.. if you love him it shudnt matter if he is a bad kisser

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